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  1. Upcoming Events under CCC

  1. The meeting started with Solomon's greeting for all who attended the meeting. Based on the calendar, there will be two Spotlight sessions for February (J&J, Pwc) and March (P&G, MISI).

  1. However, J&J had requested to postpone their session to March. Thus, There is a need to approach P&G and MISI to check if either one of them can push forward their presentation to February.

  1. Task: Kevin to approach both P&G and MISI.

  1. Way forward for CCC

  1. As discussed earlier with Siobhan in the pre-meeting, she was suggesting to build up and strengthen the committee.

  1. To accomplish that, Solomon then suggested to look at questions as followed:
  2. How are we as CCC under AMCHAM's umbrella can go about with CSR programmes among the members/ community?
  3. How to make this community stronger? (ie. through facilitation, training etc.)
  4. Could we invite speakers from abroad to have CSR showcase sessions and learn about their best practices in their space?

  1. Florence (Pwc) pointed out that the sharing session is enjoyable, and if there needs a measure on the output, it will be to address the question of "What we take away from the there (sharing session)?".

  1. It was agreed collectively that sharing sessions are created to allow participants to gain benefits and bring back the best practices into their own CSR programmes.

  1. Establishment of CSR Core Team

  1. To build up the core team, Solomon was suggesting to have a monthly meeting, either by call or by face to face.

  1. Also, it was suggested to have a calendar specifically to show AMCHAM Cares' activities of the year.

  1. To showcase the best practices from companies' CSR programmes, members are encouraged to share their stories with AMCHAM so that AMCHAM can put them up on their website/ social media accounts.

  1. There will be some projects carried out in 2019 under CCC, and the members of the Core Team are expected to be the focal person.

  1. Nevertheless, the first and foremost objective of the core team is to build up the community and to strengthen the base of the community.

  1. To kickstart this, Jenny suggested to have Florence (Pwc) to share on measurability as it is crucial to measure each and every CSR programmes as to determine whether or not the programmes are of success.

  1. The alternative is that there can be sessions where experts come to share guidelines and trainings on measurability.

  1. All in all, Solomon highlighted that it should not be a burden for anyone to be a member of the Core Team.

  1. Note: Everyone who attended this meeting had agreed to be in the Core Team. Florence and Azima, however, mentioned that they will take turns to assist and to support the team as and when either one of them is available. William (Boston Scientific) too is positive of joining the team and he looks forward to do something for the locals, especially to the ones in Penang and by having this Core Team, there will be support from others in realizing any CSR programmes that will benefit the target group.

  1. Core Team's monthly meeting

  1. As suggested earlier, there'll be a monthly meeting for the team. The meeting can be done either through conference call, or by face to face.

  1. Such meeting will be carried out every month, on a Friday morning.

  1. However, Anusyia (AmMetlife) and Florence (Pwc) are concerned about them not being able to conduct the conference call, they are open to come to AMCHAM's office for the meeting.

  1. Possible expansion of CCC

  1. There are twenty companies showing interests to join CCC. Solomon will approach them to check if they are willing to join the committee.

  1. Task: Once Kevin has established the name list for this, he will arrange for a meeting between CCC and the companies.

  1. After these companies agreed to join the group, Solomon was suggesting to have an expanded monthly or bi-monthly call/ meeting to include a bigger group.

  1. Communicating tool for Core Team members

  1. As agreed by all, the communication among the members of the Core Team will remain with emails.

  1. CSR Calendar for Year 2019

  1. The idea is to reach out to the 20 member companies and seek for their calendar for the CSR activities/ programmes that they are going to have in 2019. From there, Kevin will compile them into an excel sheet and share it with the team.

  1. This is to solicit the activities for the whole year and to rapporteur on the best practices.

  1. Also, by having this calendar, everyone are able to know what activities is going to happen, who is the organizer and when will the activities be carried out.

  1. MY AMCHAM CARES survey

  1. This survey will be carried out again this year.

  1. From the previous survey, it was suggested to invite the Top 3 companies to come to AMCHAM to share about their successes.

  1. This can also create a platform where everyone gets an opportunity to strengthen their weakness(es).

  1. Note: Kevin to share the data for the previous survey in the next meeting.

  1. From the previous survey as well, Jenny suggested to get the Top 2 companies to share their key stories in their CSR programmes with Yvonne so that she can share it on AMCHAM's website.

  1. Challenge: There may be a long process in getting risk clearance from their companies as there may be some policies applied to content sharing via a third party's website. One way to go around with this is to share via email.

  1. Upcoming Meeting

  1. The upcoming meeting will be on a Friday morning in February, after Chinese New Year.

  1. In this meeting, the goals is to set objectives for the Core Team and to map out 2019 work/ programme plan.

  1. Note: Kevin to get in touch with Anusyia (AmMetlife) to fix a time for the meeting.

  1. Others

  1. If any member company is having a visitor to share about knowledge and/ or experiences in running a CSR programme, member of that particular company can check visitor's availability to come to AMCHAM and meet with other members and share his or her knowledge/ expertise.


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