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AMCHAM Update #53: COVID-19 Outbreak
2020 Cyber Smart Index and The Importance of Cyber Security Right Now
2020 Cyber Smart Index and The Importance of Cyber Security Right Now


Jun 2, 2020
(3 PM - 4 PM)
Preparing Your Organisation to Return to Operations Safely
Preparing Your Organisation to Return to Operations Safely


Jun 3, 2020
(2 PM - 3 PM)
The Covid-19 epidemic and the Movement Control Order have forced us all to adapt to a new way of working. AMCHAM would like to hear from you. How is your organization adjusting to the new normal, what are your recommended practices? Please share with us your best 'return to work' practices as we would like to have this information for other members on our website. For more information please contact Yvonne Miranda, our Membership & Engagement Manager at yvonne@amcham.com.my
Malaysia Quarantine Centre support group
This is a temporary Facebook Group Page that has been set up for travellers and returning citizens who are coming to Malaysia during the Covid-19 MCO period. From April 3rd, all travellers coming in to the country will be taken into mandatory quarantine at government facilities that have been set up for the purpose.
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Handling Guidelines for Collection, Processing and Retention of Personal Data by Business Premises During Conditional MCO
The Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) which was implemented from 4 May 2020 allows for all business premises within the selected business section may begin operations subject to the SOP determined by the Government. This includes the recording of customers’/visitors’ name, contact telephone number, date and time of visit for purposes of contact tracing in the event it is needed. With this, requirements for compliance with personal data protection principles become necessary.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On MySejahtera Check-In Feature For Retail, Construction & Industry
The MySejahtera Check-In is a feature that registers and manages the entry of visitors into a premise in a structured and standardized manner. MySejahtera Check-In aims to assist the Government in managing the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure public safety. It is highly recommended that everyone download and use the app. There are also some FAQs concerning the app.
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Christopher & Lee Ong Update: Corporate Liability is not Shelved – Adequate Procedures More Crucial Than Ever in the Face of COVID-19 Corruption and Fraud Risks
Christopher & Lee Ong Update: Corporate Liability is not Shelved – Adequate Procedures More Crucial Than Ever in the Face of COVID-19 Corruption and Fraud Risks
COVID-19 has forced businesses into survival mode, especially with restrictions on how businesses can operate during the Conditional Movement Control Order and, before this, the Movement Control Order (collectively, the “MCO”) period. From shifting to new methods of transacting to partnering with new business associates, businesses have had to change the way they operate to stay in the black. Post-MCO, businesses will clamber to make up for lost time and revenue.
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EY Special Tax Alert No. 14/2020 - Guidelines on determining whether a “place of business” exists in Malaysia in the absence of a tax treaty
EY Special Tax Alert No. 14/2020 - Guidelines on determining whether a “place of business” exists in Malaysia in the absence of a tax treaty
EY is pleased to share their latest Special Tax Alert No. 14/2020. This issue will cover:
  • Scope of derivation of business income
  • Application of Sections 12(3) and 12(4) of the ITA
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AMCHAM is one of the most active Chambers in the region. We are a small team and we do unique work on behalf of our members and work closely with a number of stakeholders including the Government.
AMCHAM is looking for support in these areas:
  • Graphic Designers / Infographic Designers
  • Content and Web-focused design skills (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Researchers
  • Social Media Experts & Storytellers / Video-storytellers
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Being a member of AMCHAM has never been so important as it has been over the past two months. As authorities were shaping policies and issuing guidelines they relied on AMCHAM, your Chamber to help. The AMCHAM membership and the use of this Directory is a tool to showcase who we are as a community. I hope that you will join us this year to assist us in building this Directory as a ‘bible’ to the American business on the ground in Malaysia.
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AMCHAM is in the process of developing and sourcing topics for webinars sessions for members. Since attending our events at the actual physical location may be impossible for a while, the virtual version has become an alternative to showcase the good work and interesting topics that our member have to share.

If you're an AMCHAM member and you have interesting topics in mind that you would like to share with fellow members, or you would like to collaborate with AMCHAM to produce webinars, please feel free to contact us at events@amcham.com.my and we'll be happy to discuss further. We look forward to hearing from you.
Complimentary for MDBC members: Webinar by Dato’ Sri Idris Jala (CEO, PEMANDU Associates), on “Managing Business in Crisis”.
Thursday, 4 June 2020, 10:00am – 11:15am
Thursday, 4 June 2020,  10:00am – 11:15am
Many businesses are currently facing a serious crisis as a result of the COVID – 19 pandemic. While many CEOs are well equipped to deal with business in good times, some have less experience in dealing with serious business crisis, especially in the current scenario of lockdowns and travel restrictions. There are many articles written on key principles and framework on how to manage the business in crisis, however, the key action during this pandemic is the speed of execution. Most companies need practical “hand – rails” solutions to help them. PEMANDU Associates, based on its business turnaround experience, has developed a fit – for – all, step – by – step approach to help you manage your crisis. During this webinar, these key points will be shared: coordinating a crisis management action plan, development of scenarios and financial simulation as well as effective communication during the crisis to help companies ride – out this crisis towards recovery.

Registration fees:
MDBC handles Registration and Collects Fees
ADCN members and Non – members: RM 100

How Digital Transformation Can Bring Us All Together
Thursday, 4 June, 2020 (12pm - 1pm)
Thursday, 4 June, 2020 (12pm - 1pm)
In this sudden new time of 'social distancing', everyone is stumbling through the motions in a daze. Connecting and engaging with your community is more important than ever. During this difficult time, it is imperative that members of a community come together to help one another. But how do you enable your community to thrive? Come June 4th, this webinar by Eventbank will address 'How Digital Transformation Can Bring Us All Together'. AMCHAM's CEO, Siobhan Das will be among the panelists.

This panel discussion will cover:
  • The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on professional communities across Asia-Pacific
  • Strategies on how to grow your professional community
  • How to manage your community through digital
  • The importance of digital communication during crisis

Reopening safely: Sample practices from essential businesses
Reopening safely: Sample practices from essential businesses
While the list of essential businesses varies by jurisdiction, in most cases it includes healthcare facilities, pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores, banks, and gas stations, as well as delivery, sanitation, plumbing, and electrical-repair services. Those businesses offer valuable lessons for companies in any sector considering reopening: How does a business stay operational while keeping employees and customers safe and preventing new COVID-19 outbreaks?
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