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AMCHAM Update #59: COVID-19 Outbreak
11 Activities Prohibited During Recovery MCO
11 activities as prohibited beginning Wednesday (June 10) in line with the Prime Minister’s announcement on the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). These include the organising of sports events and tournaments, as well as sports events and tournaments, contact sports, water theme park, water park activities and more.
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Federal Government Gazettes (9 June 2020)
As Malaysia enters the 'Recovery Movement Control Order' (RMCO) changes to previous regulations have been made. These latest editions of the Federal Government Gazette cover the updates to the Prevention and Control Of Infectious Diseases act, and the Revocation of Declaration of Quarantine Stations.
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Guidelines For The Entry Of Expatriate/Skilled Worker/Knowledge Worker For Key Posts And Technical Posts, And For Dependents/Foreign Maids
The Immigration Department of Malaysia has released a new set of guidelines for Expatriate/Skilled Worker/Knowledge Worker Entering Malaysia for Key Posts and Technical Posts, and for Dependents and Foreign Maids during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period.
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Companies may be required to screen new foreign workers for COVID-19 soon
The government is looking into including compulsory COVID-19 screening as part of the requirement in hiring new foreign workers here. "A case was detected after a foreigner had undergone health screening before starting work here. "We are looking at the possibility of including COVID-19 screening as part of the requirements for companies looking to hire new foreign workers.
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AMCHAM Would Like to Hear From You
AMCHAM Would Like to Hear From You
The COVID-19 epidemic and the Movement Control Order have forced us all to adapt to a new way of working. AMCHAM would like to hear from you. How is your organization adjusting to the new normal, what are your recommended practices? Please share with us your best 'return to work' practices as we would like to have this information for other members on our website. For more information please contact Yvonne Miranda, our Membership & Engagement Manager at yvonne@amcham.com.my
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MetLife Foundation In Collaboration With AmMetLife Insurance Berhad Contributes RM189,244 Towards The MY AMCHAM CARES COVID-19 Program
An estimate of 6,310 disposable isolation gowns will be purchased and delivered to 5 targeted hospitals within the Red Zones for approximately 250 healthcare workers working in Isolation Wards to treat COVID-19 patients. These hospitals include Hospital Ampang, Hospital Sg Buloh, Hospital Selayang, Hospital Lahad Datu and Hospital Umum Sarawak. This initiative aims to relieve the urgent need for PPE items/equipment from various hospitals and healthcare clinics in different states of Malaysia.
EY Tax Alert No. 9/2020
This tax alert issue covers Malaysian developments and Overseas developments
  • Automation Capital Allowance incentives extended
  • Practice Note No. 3/2020: Clarification on Determining the Gross Income from Business Sources of not more than RM50 million, for a Company or Limited Liability Partnership
  • Public Ruling No. 1/2020 – Tax Incentives for BioNexus Status Companies
  • India Tax Administration extends applicability of transfer pricing safe harbor rules to financial year 2019-20
  • Spain sends Mandatory Disclosure Rules Bill to Parliament for approval
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Bipartisan US Election Preview and Foreign Policy Implications
Bipartisan US Election Preview and Foreign Policy Implications


Jun 18, 2020
(9 AM - 10 AM)
When More Information Leads to More Uncertainty
When More Information Leads to More Uncertainty
As humans, we innately find uncertainty to be an aversive state and are motivated to reduce it, even at a cost. Research has shown that people are calmer and less agitated when they know they are going to receive an electric shock than when they know there is a 50% chance they might receive an electric shock. Similarly, the threat of perceived job insecurity has more detrimental health effects than actually losing a job.
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