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SDGs In Play: #5 Gender Equality
View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
Gender Equality in the Workplace: Where Does Malaysia Place, How and Why Do We Need to Do Better

“… In November and December, I was really, really proud to see Malaysia has more than 30% chairmanship in the GLC, Government Linked Companies and Government-Linked Investment Companies,” Datuk Noripah Kamso, former chairman of Bank Rakyat, said in a memorable webinar co-hosted by GCMY and Tulips Movement Malaysia, on the matter of the realization of the 30% women representation on public-listed corporate boards movement started by the 30% Club.

Gender equality, in its many facets and nuances, face an uphill battle in the corporate space. In a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, there is a 50% drop-off of women representation in the career progression pipeline from entry-level jobs to senior management roles. This is a lost opportunity, as the same report indicates that Malaysia stands at USD$50 billion a year increase to its GDP by 2025.
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AMCHAM Members share their actions to contribute towards this SDG. 
Wong & Partners
Wong & Partners
Wong & Partners is committed to gender equality, and along with HR policies meant to support the careers and wellbeing of our women colleagues, the Firm also marks and hosts events towards this aim. We celebrate International Women’s Day annually and have hosted events such as the Annual Diversity & Inclusion Luncheon, which includes talks by renowned and successful women such as human rights activist and lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan. The Firm also recently hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness day, which comprised of a doctor’s talk, survivor’s story and clinical examinations.
Philip Morris Malaysia
Philip Morris Malaysia
At Philip Morris Malaysia (PMM), we see diversity as our great strength. According to PMM’s Managing Director, Naeem Shahab Khan, “As we transform our company, an inclusive workplace allows us to attract and retain a diverse community of employees, who are at the heart of our growth and innovation.”

To advance gender equality which is a top priority in our inclusion and diversity agenda, PMM was the first organization in Malaysia to achieve the global EQUAL-SALARY Certification in 2018 and Top Employer 2020 Malaysia Award in 2019.

Our commitment is to build an inclusive culture and a workplace where our employees can contribution their best, drive innovation and consumer-centricity needed towards our bold vision of a smoke-free future.
1. Intentionality
  • Is your company committed to supporting the achievement of Goal 5? Have you developed a holistic strategy that reflects this commitment, covering end-to-end operations and the wider community?
  • Are you committed to learn from your actions and do you have processes in place to improve them accordingly? 
  • Is your strategy supported by the highest levels of management, including the Board of Directors?
2. Ambition
  • Do your actions achieve long-term outcomes that greatly exceed those resulting from current industry practice? 
  • Are your actions aligned with what is needed to achieve Goal 5?
3. Consistency
  • Is support for Goal 5 embedded across all organizational functions?
  • Are staff and board incentives aligned with achieving Goal 5?
4. Collaboration
  • Do you proactively look for opportunities to partner with Governments, UN agencies, suppliers, civil society organizations, industry peers and other stakeholders to inform how to advance Goal 5?
5. Accountability
  • Do you publicly express your commitment to advance Goal 5? 
  • Do you identify, monitor, and report on impacts, including potentially adverse impacts?
  • Do you mitigate risks associated with your action? 
  • Do you remediate negative impacts associated with this action? 
  • Do you engage stakeholders in a meaningful way? 
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