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SDGs In Play: #12 Responsible Consumption and Production - View From UNGC
View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
Responsible consumption and production is fundamental to sustainable development. Thus far, economic growth has been deeply connected to unsustainable outcomes including the degradation of natural capital, the advance of climate change, and violations of human rights. For example, unsustainable consumption and production has, to differing extents around the world, caused greenhouse gas emissions to surge, contributed to severe air pollution, decreased agricultural productivity threatening livelihoods and social cohesion, and heightened water scarcity.

Waste production has led to burgeoning landfills with large methane emissions and negative health impacts as well as serious plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.
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AMCHAM Members share their actions to contribute towards this SDG. 
Xylem Water Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. – Initiatives Towards Responsible Consumption and Production
Xylem Water Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. – Initiatives Towards Responsible Consumption and Production
At Xylem Water Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, we embrace responsible consumption and production. At our office in Shah Alam, consumable items at the pantry are mostly sourced from reliable producers who embrace the reuse, recycle and sustainable products such as Tesco Malaysia where most of their in-house brand consumable such as Tesco sugar, Tesco tea bag, Tesco, Tesco disinfectant wipes. Food waste at our pantry such as coffee beans from our coffee machine is collected and by the end of the week used as a compost material for our plants in our office surrounding area.
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1. Intentionality
  • Is your company committed to supporting the achievement of Goal 12? Have you developed a holistic strategy that reflects this commitment, covering end-to-end operation and the wider community?
  • Are you committed to learn from your actions and do you have processes in place to improve them accordingly?
  • Is your strategy supported by the highest levels of management, including the Board of Directors.
2. Ambition
  • Do your actions achieve long-term outcomes that greatly exceed those resulting from current industry practice?
  • Are your actions aligned with what is needed to achieve Goal 12?
3. Consistency
  • Is support for Goal 12 embedded across all organizational functions?
  • Are staff and board incentives aligned with achieving Goal 12?
4. Collaboration
  • Do you proactively look for opportunities to partner with Governments, UN agencies, suppliers, civil society organizations, industry peers and other stakeholders to inform how to advance Goal 12?
5. Accountability
  • Do you publicly express your commitment to advance Goal 12?
  • Do you identify, monitor, and report on impacts, including potentially adverse impacts?
  • Do you mitigate risks associated with your action?
  • Do you remediate negative impacts associated with this action?
  • Do you engage stakeholders in a meaningful way?
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